Dunbar Collegiate Church

Unfortunately, the Collegiate Church no longer exists so here we have have provided some historical material together with images of the present Parish Church.

Dunbar Collegiate Church was the first Collegiate Church in the Lothians and the third in Scotland after St Andrews, Fife (1250) and Abernethy, Perth, (1328). It was founded in 1342. This means that it was the oldest collegiate church in the vicinity of Rosslyn Chapel. Dunbar is 24 miles, as the crow flies, from Rosslyn.

The foundation charter of Dunbar Collegiate Church is extant and shows that the church was established by Patrick. ninth Earl of Dunbar and second or fourth Earl of March. The charter is dated 21st September 1342. Because Dunbar was the first Collegiate Church in the Lothians it must have had a major influence on other Collegiate Churches which were established in the area.

The complement of the college was: one dean, an archpriest and eight canons. The church held the prebends of Belton, Chirnside, Dunbar, Duns, Linton, Pinkerton, Pitcox and Spott.

The Rosslyn Templar have resolved, where possible, to provide documentary information regarding Scottish Collegiate Churches. To read a translation of the Latin Foundation Charter of Dunbar Collegiate Church click here.



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