Crichton Collegiate Church

The Collegiate Church of Crichton was established by William, Lord Crichton, Chancellor of Scotland, in 1449. The building and the builder were therefore contemporaries of William St Clair and Rosslyn Chapel which stands 5½ miles away ‘as the crow flies’.

During the reigns of James I and James II the Crichton family rose in position and power following a political vacuum created by those monarchs’ persecution of other families, principally the Douglas’s and their followers.

Only the choir, transceptual chapels and the central tower now survive. In 1729 the structure was adapted (badly) and only regained some of its former grace when Hardy and Wright restored the building in 1898. In appearance the tower appears to rather too large to give a pleasing balance of the whole structure.

The church is now in the care of Crichton Collegiate Church Trust. Please be aware that access to the church is very restricted.

Crichton Collegiate Church Trust,
Ford Mill House,
EH37 5RE.

Telephone: 0044 (0)1875 320364
0044 (0)1875 320341

The best time, in our opinion, to visit both structures is on a Sunday afternoon between 14.00 – 16.00 hours during the summer months as this is the only time the interior of the church cane be viewed.

There is a charge to visiting the castle which is the care of Historic Scotland. The Castle is open April to September and costs £2.50 per adult and 75 pennies per child (as at 2002).

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