Dunglass Collegiate Church

Like many other Collegiate Churches in Scotland, such as Rosslyn Chapel and Seaton Collegiate ChurchDunglass Collegiate Church was established, by a powerful local family – the Homes. The church was founded in 1444* and in 1450 James II (1430 – 1460) confirmed the Charter. On 2nd January 1450 the Pope confirmed both these Charters and named Sir Alexander Home as the founder and endower.

Like the Setons and St Clairs (Sinclairs). Sir Alexander Home built Dunglass Collegiate Church in order that piests might offer prayers for the souls of himself and his family. To this end he endowed the church with the revenues of Kello, Balwlsy and Gordounshall (the latter both in Fife). This income allowed for the complement of one Provost, three Chaplains and four boy-choristers. By the time of the Reformation the total complement had reached One provost, twelve Prebendaries/Chaplains and an unknown number of boy-choristers. The contrasts with Rosslyn Chapel which never had more than six Prebendaries (and more likely only four). Seton had nine Prebendaries.

Dunglass Collegiate Church, like Rosslyn Chapel, Seton and other Collegiate Churches, had no connection with the Knights Templar although it has been alleged that Dunglass contains a number of Knight Templar crosses – see the images above and the relevant pages for more information on this subject.

*although the Charter establishing the church is dated 1403 this is clearly a mistake for 1443. Before 1600 the Scottish New Year was on 26th March and therefore, by adjusting the dates for the present Gregorian calender, the date is 1444.

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