Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel


The main point of this website is to research Rosslyn Chapel and to set it in its historical and religious context. All members of the Rosslyn Templars are dedicated to a further understanding of the building, those who built it, the myths surrounding it and the written material available. That attempt to explore the chapel will not, therefore, be limited to the physical aspects building alone but will include the consideration of related subjects (alleged or otherwise) such as: Scottish Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, neo-Knight Templar groups, Symbolism and the Christian aspects of the chapel. Whilst we have no way of knowing where such research might lead it shall, we are sure, be most interesting.

The focus then of this site is the chapel.  This site is devoted to providing information about this fascinating building. The Rosslyn Templars believe that such information has to be provided in two ways:

1) by commissioning new articles, new research, and reproducing earlier material and,

2) by providing illustrative material both old and new.

Images of the Interior of Rosslyn Chapel

More Images of Rossyln Chapel

Rosslyn Exhibition

A major exhibition regarding Rosslyn Chapel was held at the National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound, Edinburgh during the summer of 2002 and brought together, for the first time, much interesting information regarding Rosslyn Chapel. Although the exhibition was held five years ago we have left the details available on the site as a matter of historical record.

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