Images of Rosslyn Chapel

On this page we will provide images of Rosslyn Chapel both internal and external. Please do be aware that it can be difficult to obtain reasonable photographs with normal photographic equipment and, therefore, some images that one would expect to find here are not shown. We have also included some images that are not, frankly, up to scratch. The reason for including such sub-standard images is because they are important. Better quality images will be substituted as soon as possible. The Rosslyn Templars will try to obtain more images and post them here in due time.

Each image below is a hyperlink which will take you to a page displaying that picture which may be large (in memory size)  and will, in some cases, take a considerable time to download. You will, dear reader, realise from this that those who maintain this site are not web experts.

We hope to be able to post more images of Rosslyn Chapel here in due course in order that they can be discussed and analysed. Please do keep visiting to see more new images.


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