The large plant-like carvings around the arch of the window are said to be Maize, or Indian Corn, or Sweetcorn, (there is some considerable confusion in the literature published about the chapel) a plant(s) that was unknown in Europe in the 15th century when the chapel was built. This has given rise to a belief that someone, in some way, connected with the chapel had gone to North America (or perhaps had contact with some who had been there?) for that was the only way such accurate depiction of this plant, only found in North America, could have been displayed in the chapel.

Two Rosslyn Templars have agreed to undertake further research into this particular aspect and once their enquiries are complete their resultant paper will, hopefully, be posted here. However, please be aware that this is likely to be a lengthy investigation.

In the interim it has been suggested that, for purposes of comparison, other images of Maize etc. be provided. Below is to be found one such image. Others shall follow in due course.