It has been suggested that Roslin Chapel was deliberately left unfinished as a copy of King Solomon’s Temple. As the latter has many, allegorical, Masonic connotations together with the suggestion that the two were in some connected to reinforces that alleged Masonic connection. The Rosslyn Templars have, therefore, decided to examine this hypothesis and their results will be posted below in due course.

The above ground plan is one that was reproduced in The Hiram Key by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. There can be no doubt that the authors have posited a fascinating hypothesis and we all should be grateful to them for making this possibility a matter for public debate. However, their omission of the foundations for the transepts (see below) undermines their argument that the church was left unfinished for they do not discuss the existence of the foundations and why they were not built upon. The existence of the unused foundations were recorded as early as 1774 and and 1778 by Bishop Robert Forbes in his: An Account of the Chapel of Roslin yet 222 years later their existence was ignored.