Coldingham Collegiate Church

Coldingham Church or Priory did not have a very long life as a collegiate church. Initially founded in 1473 but by the 1490’s the plan to elevate Coldingham Church to that status had been abandoned due to the most powerful local family – the Earls of Hume (or Home). The success of such churches was often determined by the support, or otherwise, of such families and thus part of Rosslyn Chapel was built because it was financed by the St Clair’s of Rosslyn.

On these pages we provide what information is available about the church and that is not much in comparison to other such churches like Rosslyn but perhaps that is not surprising given the short time it was a Collegiate Church. Of interest also here are some graveslabs which some might argue suggest that Knight Templar (or Templars) are buried here. Possible connections with Freemasonry are also discussed.

The remains of the church are part of the present structure which is a place of worship to this day. Coldingham is a  Church of Scotland church. Sunday services are held at 11.00am and visitors are most welcome.

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