Bothwell Castle and Collegiate Church

Bothwell Castle and Collegiate Church are a classic example of the family castle and chapel type. Rosslyn Chapel and Castle also fall into the category of a defensive structure and a place of worship nearby. There were 45 collegiate churches in Scotland although not all of them were built by and for a powerful local family. Bothwell Castle and Church are, or were, very similar to Rosslyn Chapel and Chapel in this resepect. Bothwell was less fortunate than Rosslyn Chapel and Castle in that it suffered much more damage over the years.

Unlike Rosslyn Castle which is privately owned Bothwell Castle is preserved for the nation by Historic Scotland and the admission fee is a modest £2.20 (winter 2003/4).

Of Bothwell Collegiate Church only a small portion remains (the choir). The nave was replaced in 1833 and the church is now the Parish Church of Bothwell.




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