Trinity Collegiate Church – Edinburgh

The history of this collegiate church is every bit as interesting as that of Rosslyn Chapel although for completely different reasons.

Like Rosslyn Chapel, Trinity Collegiate Church was built and endowed by a powerful family who also had their main residence nearby. The difference here was that it was not a family of the minor nobility but the Royal family itself which sponsored this collegiate church.

The church was founded by Queen Mary of Gueldres in memory of her husband James II (Reigned: 1437 – 1460. Born 1430). It was therefore during his reign that William St Clair of Rosslyn begun to build Rosslyn Chapel. Trinity Collegiate church is yet another manifestation of the desire by those who had the power, land and money to build churches dedicated almost entirely having payers said, in perpetuity, for their family alone.

As befitted the Scottish monarchy the church had an all encompassing dedication to “The Holy Trinity, The Blessed Virgin,, St Ninian, and All Saints”. In comparison William Sinclair dedication of Rosslyn Chapel to only four saints was modest indeed!

Like Rosslyn Chapel, Trinity Collegiate Church was never completed. In this instance only the Choir and Transepts were built and in the case of Rosslyn only the Choir was completed. There is more information, and a larger picture, available by clicking on each image below. Please note that this page is as yet incomplete.

We hope to be able to provide images of the interior in the near future.



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