Crichton Collegiate Church is easily accessible from the main roads: A68 (from Pathhead onto the B6367) or the A7 at North Middleton (onto very small roads with steep inclines) or further south of North Middleton on Middleton Moor turn onto the B6367. Both the A68 and A7 are south east of Edinburgh.

The church is in the care of the Crichton Collegiate Church Trust and access to the interior is limited to Sunday afternoons March – September. Even then beware. The Rosslyn Templar who submitted the information for this page travelled a considerable distance on no less than three occasions during the specified times only to find the church locked and received no response from the telephone numbers for the Trust which were provided on the church notice board.

The church, like so many of the surviving collegiate churches of Scotland, appears to be well looked after and is in an idyllic setting. Crichton Castle, the home of the builder of the church, William, Lord Crichton, is a short walk away (on an un-metalled track) and well worth the visit. The last couple of hundred yards on the approach to the castle are rather steep so please take your time and watch out for the sheep and what they leave behind. The castle is in the care of Historic Scotland and visiting times are restricted to the tourist season – April to September. There is an admission charged for access to the castle when it is open.

Historic Scotland has a website at: