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We, the Rosslyn Templars, had not anticipated reviewing magazines but when we saw that front cover of Freemasonry Today it was felt that we would be doing our visitors a dis-service in not doing so.

Freemasonry Today is  independent of any Masonic body and is, therefore, not hampered by constraints which would otherwise apply. It is edited by Brother Michael Baigent whom most will recall was the co-author (together with Richard Leigh) of the book: The Temple and the Lodge (Inside Freemasonry – The International Bestseller) first published by Jonathan Cape in 1989. Brother Michael was trained, and worked as, a journalist and this training shines through in his editorship of this magazine.

The magazine intends to bring to its’ readership articles which are informative without being ‘heavy’ and in that it succeeds very well especially when it provides details of further reading. The articles are not confined to ‘Freemasonry’ as such but cover a wide range of subjects, in which it is thought, that Freemasons in general might be interested. Given the success of Freemasonry Today, as demonstrated by its’ wide circulation, the divergent range of subjects included in the magazine is proof of its’ appeal.

The article on the Green Man which caught our attention is most interesting as are the accompanying photographs. However, to read the article you will have to buy the magazine! For contact and ordering details please see below.

The magazine is 64 pages and of A4 size and is well illustrated throughout. For full details of this issue – and indeed earlier editions why not visit the Freemasonry Today Website?

Freemasonry Today

Freemasonry Today

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