The Secret Scroll

Andrew Sinclair
Published by Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson.
218 pages. Hardback. ISBN 0-9537398-6-4 2001.

The first thing that we noticed about this slim book was the price. When published three years ago 218 pages, even as a hardback, was expensive.

The blurb on the back of the book states:

“This quest for the Grail is a compeling tale of early discovery and lost secrets and the buries treasure of the Knight Templars.

It reveals the long links between the Holy Land and Venice during the Cusades, also between Scotland and North America, where a secret citadl was built and a medieval knight was carved on a rock tomb.

Our evidence shows how the secret wisdom of the Middle East passed through the Templar Order into all the crafts and guilds of Europe and America. We discover a priceless Secret Scroll and a treasure map which finally proves how the Templars entered the Masons forever.”

In essence the blurb sums up the book’s contents and the reviewer had just begun to read it when permission was received from Brian Smith to reproduce his article “The Not-So-Secret Scroll” which is, essentially, a critical review of this book. To read Mr Smith’s article click here.

The pressure now being off the reviewer of this book it might be a wee while afore his review appears here!

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