New Orkney Antiquarian Journal. Volume 2.

92 pages. £12 per copy
ISBN 0 9535945 1 3

This is obviously not a book as such it is rather an occasional scholarly publication issued by the Orkney Heritage  Society together with the Orkney Archaeological Trust. The attraction here is that the journal supplies a very specific view of historical matters relating to the Orkney Isles. One Rosslyn Templar suggested that the recent use of the Kirkwall Scroll in a ‘pop’ history of Scottish Freemasonry was akin to the carpetbaggers of the American Civil War but this Rosslyn Templar, as editor (hopefully pro tempore), considers that to be a wee bitty harsh but quite understands the sentiments expressed. (” ‘ware o’ a’ sa cawed “granny wits yer nummer guisers” particilar fra ferryloupers whey cry am Masonic jimmy” – my Lallands is not, sadly, all that good and I hope, therefore, I have expressed this as the Brother would have wished – Ed.).

This learned tomb contains much of interest not least the papers by Henry Sinclair’s ‘visit’ to north America and the Zeno narrative both of which give a most interesting alternative to that which is presently available in the popular press.

The Contents of Volume 2 are:

  • Editorial
  • Earl Henry Sinclair’s fictitious trip to America
  • The Zeno narrative
  • The Ladykirk Stone
  • Nine Men’s Morris Board
  • The Leper of Newark
  • A Scandinavian Stave Calendar (sometime belonging to J.W.Cursiter Esq), now in Skaill House, Sandwick, Orkney.
  • The ‘Wallace’ chair
  • List of articles collected by Walter Traill
  • Dennison
  • Sheriff Court Pages
  • Recent Books and Papers

Other pages in this section: