Rosslyn Templars – Membership

A Discussion

The group known as the Rosslyn Templars (RT) was formed in 2001 with the idea of investigating all aspects of Rosslyn Chapel, Scottish Freemasonry etc. A number of books such as The Temple and The Lodge (1989) contained a great deal of information about Rosslyn Chapel, Scottish history and Scottish Freemasonry, but was not written by Freemasons and was not written by Scots.  The Rosslyn Templars online is one small attempt to have a Scottish Masonic input into what all that concerns Rosslyn Chapel.

This web site is kept online by no other means than the time, effort and money of the members of the Rosslyn Templars. In order to help us ‘balance the books’ we, the Rosslyn Templars, are discussing how to involve more people who are interested in supporting us. One idea which has been put forward, strongly on many occasions, is to create ‘supporting’ members of the Rosslyn Templars. Clearly the Rosslyn Templar will need to provide specific, tangible, benefits for becoming a ‘Rosslyn Templar’.

Once we have discussed this possibility in more detail we shall post our debate here within the next month or so.

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