The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol - USA cover

The Lost Symbol - USA cover

We have heard that a group of learned Freemasons have been calculating what the plot of Dab Brown’s latest novel, The Lost Symbol, is likely to be. These Masonic scholars were alerted to the possible inclusion of Freemasonry in the plot line by the recently published covers of the novel and by a discussion of them which was posted on the Grand Lodge of Scotland web site – click here or on previous links to go there, but please remember to use the back button to return here!

We understand that the Masonic scholars involved have examined the two covers and have come to the conclusion that The Lost Symbol will of necessity use Freemasonry in some way. This first conclusion regarding the novel is based on the use of alleged Masonic symbolism on the USA cover and that conclusion is further reinforced by the prominent use of the Square and Compasses on the cover of the novel as it is to be released in the United Kingdom (see below left).

The Lost Symbol - UK cover

The Lost Symbol - UK cover

The reason why publishers use different covers for different parts of the world is a mystery to us but on this occasion it seems to have been of great assistance to those Masonic scholars attempting to anticipate the contents of The Lost Symbol.

It seems that the two covers are intended to appeal to different countries. The USA cover has the Capitol building prominently displayed. Although that building is also displayed prominently on the UK cover an additional feature is the prominent use of the Square and Compasses so familiar to English Freemasons (Scottish Freemasons more often than not place the capital letter ‘G’ in the centre of the Square and Compasses). The UK cover may therefore be intended to seduce ‘British’ Freemasons although as already explained that use of the Square and Compasses does not apply in Scotland. This is one, small, example of the failure of non-Masons (in this case Dan Brown and his publisher) to understand the nuances of Freemasonry across the world.

This is not the place to go into this kind of detail as, after all, it is the private language of the Craft. The point is however, that many, many non-Masons comment on Freemasonry as if they actually know what they are talking about. Dan Brown is but one in a long succession of such writers.

For that, prime, reason we applaud this small group of Masonic scholars, a Think Tank if you will, who are attempting to anticipate what Dan Brown might say about the Order. In other words they are attempting to be proactive rather than reactive.DC's 'secret' architecture

As the Capitol building, Washington DC, is used on both covers suggests that it is probably central to the theme and plot of the novel. That particular building has enormous resonance for democracy, Freemasonry and Brother George Washington. The Masonic historians have examined the founding of the USA, the founding fathers and the parts they played and examined various theories already in the public domain about Freemasonry and the founding fathers. One example are the books by Davd Ovason on the alleged Masonic symbolism deliberately included when planning Washington D.C,  On these and other subjects we shall return in due time.

It is our understanding that their ‘prequeal’ forecasts might well be made public in the very near future. If so, we shall endevour to post their findings here immediately we become aware of their publication.

Finally we hear that a web site is to be created which will be dedicated to analysing The Lost Symbol once it has been published. We shall attempt to provide a link to that site as soon as we know the URL.

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