Cracking the Freemasons Code

Freemasonry continues to hold a fascination for many people, fuelled no doubt by numerous books and even a Hollywood Film, yet many of these books are written by people who are not Freemasons and the small number which are written by Freemasons they are not Scottish Freemasons. Why should this matter? How can non-Masons have a genuine insight to the Craft (as it is often called) when they have not experienced an Initiation, Passing and Raising (to use Masonic parlance.) The answer is simply that they cannot.  Why should that matter? Quite simply because to be a Freemason one has to experience the process of becoming a Freemason but also to subsequently participate in ‘Freemasonry’. This is something that a non-Mason cannot provide in their musings, written or otherwise, regarding Freemasonry.

Cracking the Freemasons Code is a straight forward explanation of Freemasonry from an entirely Scottish viewpoint. No other book offers that kind of insight. For those live in the USA and Canada you might wish to order directly from the publisher Simon and Schuster by clicking here or on the previous links.

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