Historic Scotland have spent a great deal of time and money restoring important structures all over Scotland and that organisation deserves to be congratulated for all its’ endeavours in securing, for future generations, the built heritage of Scotland.

The restoration of the Chapel Royal was a major undertaking but aimed to return the structure to the original condition as built in 1596.

This picture shows the entrance to the Chapel Royal as it originally was and, despite the waste bin and tourist information plaque (both so necessary today) it is as near as can be re-created. Those interested in Freemasonry might notice several aspects of relevance and which will be discussed in full in a paper to be delivered by another Rosslyn Templar.

Of interest also is that one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the world is to be found at Stirling. Once the paper regarding that Lodge comes to hand it will be posted on this website.

In the meantime it might be of interest to the visitor to know that a Professor of Scottish History, David Stevenson, is the author of two books detailing the early history of Freemasonry. They are:

The Origins of Freemasonry – Scotland’s Century 1590 – 1710, and

The First Freemasons – Early Scottish Lodges and their Members.

The latter has recently been published, as a second edition, by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. To read a review of that book, by the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, click here.