Corstorphine was originally a village which, like many others in Edinburgh, has been engulfed by suburban sprawl. The name derives from a combined Norse and Gaelic word; Crois Torfinn meaning Torfinns Crossing.
Like Rosslyn Chapel, Corstorphine Church was founded as a Collegiate Church – that is a place where prayers would be said in perpetuity for the souls of the family – in this case the Forresters. Although Corstorphine pre-dates Rosslyn Chapel by at least 17 years the similarities between the two are essentially those of function. Like the St Clairs the Forresters had a castle nearby (all that remains, however, is the Dower House (built about 1660) and the Doocot with 1060 nesting spaces). This pattern of a family Collegiate Church near to the family castle is a consistent one into which Rosslyn Chapel also fits.
Founded in 1429 by Sir Adam Forrester, Corstorphine Collegiate Church was dedicated to St John the Baptist. The usual date given for the foundation of the collegiate church is 1429 but charters exist dated 1425 indicating that it was then intend to ‘promote’ the parish church when three chaplaincies were created.
Further comparison with Rosslyn Chapel will be made other Corstorphine Church pages.